Consumed warlock

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Consumed warlock

Post by Consumed » Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:20 am

Age (IRL): 18
Gender (IRL): Male

Name (in-game): Consumed
Race (of character of course): Gnome
Class: Warlock
Professions/Specialties: Miner/Enchanter
Do you have any rare/epic patterns/recipes that we may find useful?: no

Who do you know in <deathGrab> (Please let us know if you know someone IRL)? I know Ratchet did 2s w/ that scrub dont ask we had a long night ><

Previous Raiding Experience: kara/grulls/mags/ZA/SSC not Vashj, TK not Kael

Previous Guild(s) and Server(s): Akatsuki, CotD

Tell us why you left/are leaving your (previous) guild: Akatsuki kinda broke up and when to alts and CotD i didnt agree w/ looting system and couldn't make raids to get enough DKP

Are there times you absolutely cannot raid due to work, school, etc.?: umm, Sunday because of church and family stuff but can make any 9pm+ raids

Can you listen and speak in ventrilo? yes

Do you regularly play any other games? (MMO or otherwise): CS,DotA

Tell us a story about yourself. It can be anything IRL or in-game, just a tidbit so that we know something about you: Well, this one time at band camp...

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Post by leech » Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:21 am

Seems cool enough :-)

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Post by Iris » Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:36 am