Ezmyrelda 70 Resto Druid (Gajijjuju's main)

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Ezmyrelda 70 Resto Druid (Gajijjuju's main)

Post by Ezmyrelda » Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:19 pm

Age (IRL): 19
Gender (IRL): Male

Name (in-game): Gajijjuju
Race (of character of course): NE
Class: Druid
Professions/Specialties: WOW IM SO NOOB!
Do you have any rare/epic patterns/recipes that we may find useful?: I can mine and skin

Who do you know in <deathGrab> (Please let us know if you know someone IRL)? Andredagiant is my cousin and I have met some of his RL friend's on WoW including a run through UB and SP on my Resto Druid.

Previous Raiding Experience: I have healed kara many times on my 2k+ Holy priest as well as on my hunter with T4. I tried to pug Gruuls back in the day for my first 25 man ever but epic fail. LOL

Previous Guild(s) and Server(s): My priest's guild was Innocuous and we did Kara. I left that guild to come play alliance.

Tell us why you left/are leaving your (previous) guild: I was guildless on this server.

Are there times you absolutely cannot raid due to work, school, etc.?: During the day I cannot raid because of work. usually until 8 at the latest. On Saturday's I can't raid until after 9 usually and I can play after 6pm on Sundays. I have school in mornings.

Can you listen and speak in ventrilo? YES i can.

Do you regularly play any other games? (MMO or otherwise): Nope. just WoW.

Tell us a story about yourself. It can be anything IRL or in-game, just a tidbit so that we know something about you:

I have a girlfriend. I don't smoke. I drink sometimes, very rarely though. I can't play when I'm drunk. So I will never be intoxicated on WoW lol. I go to college but Clark Community College is so easy it usually doesn't get in the way. I speak French. Gajijjuju also the name of my priest and this Paladin was my first character till I went Horde for about a year.