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Moustached 80 Paladin (Tank)

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:54 am
by Moustached
Age (IRL): 23
Gender (IRL): Man-gina.

Name (in-game): Moustached
Race (of character of course): Human
Class: Paladin, Prot Mainspec, Ret Off (willing to go Healing for off)
Professions/Specialties: Mining, didn't take JC yet because of nerf inc.
Do you have any rare/epic patterns/recipes that we may find useful?:nah.

Who do you know in <deathGrab> (Please let us know if you know someone IRL)? I've pugged with Sorpresa, BrokenTeeth, ABloodyMess, all cool dudes. Probably more.

Previous Raiding Experience: Up to Auriya on 25Ulduar(That fucking pull...), off-tanked Ignis and MT'd XT, offtanked Razorscale, off tanked Kolo.

Previous Guild(s) and Server(s): A Stranger With Candy

Tell us why you left/are leaving your (previous) guild: They kinda over-invited tanks in my oppinion, when i joined i was like the only paly tank and now theres like 6. :( Awesome guild but I get stuck going dps on alotta content, and since my mainspec is prot, i cant roll on dps gear, so i don't get experience tanking the fights, i dont get gear, and I crai.

Are there times you absolutely cannot raid due to work, school, etc.?: Thursday before 8pm server time is bad for me, Saturdays i cant, and Sunday before 7pm server is bad. Everything else is open.

Can you listen and speak in ventrilo? yes.

Do you regularly play any other games? (MMO or otherwise): hahahah i saw u guys played Shadowbane. I wasn't even gonna put in an app, but you guys play SB, so you gotta rock. Vamp Strig BowScout and Mino Bloodhorn PA warrs FTW! haven't played in like a year though.

Tell us a story about yourself. It can be anything IRL or in-game, just a tidbit so that we know something about you:

Minifridgejr Ninja'd my virginity. Tru story. But in all seriousness, just keep the app on hand, If you guys ever are recruiting tanks, I'm not too shabby, missing 2-3 pieces of gear, but I'm ready to do some progression.

Re: Moustached 80 Paladin (Tank)

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:57 am
by Iris
Moustached wrote:BrokenTeeth

Re: Moustached 80 Paladin (Tank)

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:43 pm
by Moustached
Iris wrote:
Moustached wrote:BrokenTeeth

Might have been goldenteeth? Honestly I was really hung over running EoE10 with him and ABloodyMess today, total wipe because idiots dont know how to stack in phase 3, but I held up my end of the bargain on the tanking.

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:11 am
by Iris
Yes, his name is GoldenTeeth...however he broke out his front tooth playing football last year and now has a fake one. So unbeknownst to made an epic joke. :D

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:42 pm
by Moustached
hahaha happy to hear it (well, not about goldenteeth, who should rename to "missingteeth" imo.) anyway, like i said, keep my app on layaway till u guys need to fill in a tank spot. Till then, I'd most certainly appreciate yall /friend'ing me, I'd love to fill pug spots in for you guys again!