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Guild Structure

Post by leech » Thu Nov 01, 2007 7:42 am


We will have officers.
All will have equal guild control.
All will discuss major decisions with other officers when possible.
All will have the right and responsibility to handle urgent matters urgently.
There is no all powerful guild leader. The person with the guild master tag will just be one of the officers.

Periodically we will have votes on new officers. This will help remove inactive or ineffecient officers. This does not mean we replace all officers it just means we ask the guild which officers need to be repicked. It may come out that the same person gets picked.


All 5- and 10- mans will be exempt from the DKP system. Loot rules will be determined by the party/raid leader.

For all guild raids we will use a Suicide DKP system. All items are open to any class that can equip them. Please use common sense. DKP will be rewarded for showing up on time, new boss attempts, and boss kills. Boss kill and attempt values will be set as needed by the officers.

Instead of bidding a number you just whisper the Master Looter with the word "bid". The person with the highest DKP that whispered "bid" gets the item. You can only "bid" if you have more than 0 DKP. If you win an item your DKP is set back to 0. In case of a tie the Master Looter will /random to determine the winner.

If an item drops you could use but do not want to suicide on just whisper "need" to the Master Looter. If no one whispered "bid" then the Loot Council will decide which person that whispered "need" will receive the item. The loot may be /random or assigned, whichever the Loot Council decides. When you whisper "need" it would help the officers out it would help to link the item you are upgrading and describe your use for the item.
/w masterlooter "need as an upgrade for [item]The Butcher[/item]"
/w masterlooter "need for pvp"
/w masterlooter "need for my Krosh Firehand tanking set"
/w masterlooter "need as a toy"
/w masterlooter "need because I am Iris"

If no one whispers either "bid" or "need" the item will of course be disenchanted.

Loot Council will consist of officers and class leaders.

People who do not make it in the raid but show up to raid will be on a wait list. They will be rewarded full dkp for the time they are on the list. Their hearth must be set to the nearest possible location and they must be online and available to raid. If they are asked to join the raid, but cannot be reached they will forfeit their DKP for the entire raid. People on the wait list can do as they wish no need to farm or whatever. As long as they are listening to ventrilo or watching for whispers.


Raid invites will go out 10-15 minutes before the raid is scheduled to begin. This will be facilitated by at least one officer. Players wishing to join the raid will at this time be required to leave their groups and get on their mains. This will be announced by the forming officer(s) in Guild Chat.

As soon as a raid invite is accepted, each player should immediately begin heading for the raid entrance, as sometimes summons are unavailable. ALL players in the raid group are to be at the summoning stone or inside the instance no later than 5 MINUTES after the posted raid time. Players who arrive later will be rewarded boss-kill DKP but will forfeit their on-time points. This will keep the guild on a consistent time schedule and minimize players who need to leave early.

This will be strictly enforced. All 25-man raid times are posted at least a day in advance, so make sure you have all of your consumables, gear, and other items ready. If a player is on-time, but has to hearth and be resummoned due to forgetting to repair, get the right gear, or get consumables, that player's on-time will also be forfeited as this causes delay.


In addition, there will be "random consumables checks." This will work like this. ONE officer will call for a "Consumables Check." Any players with a flask either on them or in their inventory will receive 3 bonus DKP. Any player with 10 or more Super Healing or Super Mana pots in their inventory will receive 2 bonus DKP. (You will only be rewarded points once for pots, even if you have both pots.) Any player with 5 or more buff food in their inventory will be rewarded 1 bonus DKP.

The officer who called for the check will be exempt from receiving extra points. All other officers will be eligible. The officer in charge will direct players with the required items to place them in a trade window with them or another officer, depending on that officer's desired method of tracking. There is a potential to earn an extra 6 DKP. This will happen randomly and not every raid. It could happen 2 raids in a row, or not at all for a month.


Raid invites will happen any way the officer(s) running the raid see fit. Since raids are small in TBC invites will probably be a manual selection of the best geared classes to create the proper composition for the scheduled encounter.


The "Currently Recruiting..." sticky in the applications will list the current requirements and needs of the guild.

That person should fill out an application and post it on the app forums. Guild members can then post their opinions and experiences concerning that player. If the majority of feedback is positive the player will be invited to the guild as an App.

Apps will not be able to vote on new members. Apps earn DKP, but can only "need" on items until they are voted to full member.

New Apps remain an applicant for 2-4 weeks depending on officer load. At the end of the app period a simple yes/no vote will be posted in the full member portion of the forums. All full members and officers can vote 1 time. A simple majority voting yes means that the player becomes a full member.


If there is a serious issue with an individual, the removal process will be a discussion between the officers. If the individual in question is "Member" rank or higher, agreement between 3/5 officers or better is required for that person to be removed from the guild. If their rank is lower than "Member," agreement will be 2/5 officers or better.